5 Best Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Reviews and Buying Guide of 2022 

 March 4, 2022

By  Martin Ster

In recent past the security for the garages has been the focus point for many innovative solutions using existing technology. Right now there are garage door openers which could not only give you the real time control of the doors but you can also do the monitoring by using your smart phone from anywhere. The smart phone and the garage door openers have been linked to give you the alerts and notifications as well (of course if you enable it).

These door openers operate with the powerful motors and nowadays with sophisticated technology the noise of the door has been very much reduced. The battery backup is given in almost all types of door openers which provide the alternative source of power all the time. Right now you are going to read some of the very best chamberlain garage door openers just right below so keep reading.

Garage Door Opener Reviews

1. Best Overall

Chamberlain B550

Chamberlain B550 Smart Garage Door Opener- myQ Smartphone Controlled - Ultra Quiet & Strong Belt Drive with MED Lifting Power, Wireless Keypad Included, Blue
  • Available in blue color
  • Wireless Keypad Included
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Weight: 35 pounds

This Chamberlain-B550 is an Ultra-Quiet unit that offers reliable performance for anyone looking for an easy-to-install and long-lasting garage door opener. Its powerful steel-reinforced drive makes the B550 the ultimate blend of power and quietness.

The B550 ensures great power, thanks to its reinforced belt drive and an effortless operation due to Chamberlain’s Revolutionary anti-vibration technology that allows you to eradicate vibration and cut the noise significantly. This means that the B550 will not disturb anyone in the rooms near your garage. This model also comes with great battery backup features that allow you to use your home garage door opener, even when there’s no power.

This wireless garage door opener comes with safety features such as anti-theft lock protection, strong code encryption, and reverse sensors to take the door back up when something gets in the way; all this is handled securely by programming your garage door.


  • The unit also features a timer to close or shut your garage door if you forget for added convenience. 
  • With inbuilt wifi for effortless connection to your Smartphone, the affordable Chamberlain Ultra-Quiet B550 is sure to impress.
  • Users are pleased with the quiet, reliable performance of this model and the availability of the MyQ garage door opener app, which ensures a Smartphone can serve as a remote as an added advantage.


  • Support brackets are not included

2. Runner Up

Chamberlain B970T

Chamberlain B970T Smart Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup - myQ Smartphone Controlled - Ultra Quiet, Strong Belt Drive and MAX Lifting Power
  • Available in gray color
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Lock Type: Keypad Lock
  • Weight: ‎35 pounds

Chamberlain Group Chamberlain B970 Smartphone-Controlled Ultra-Quiet and Strong Belt Drive Garage Door OpenerChamberlain has used the innovative MyQ technology for this unit, perfect for monitoring, closing, and opening. The garage door through your mobile device enables you to safety tips for the garage door.

The product also comes with a battery backup to ensure quick and safe replacement even during power blackouts. Like every Chamberlain garage door opener, the B970 features a powerful steel-reinforced belt drive crafted using high-quality materials for enhanced durability and smooth, quiet performance, which makes this unit ideal for attached garages.

Also relying on Chamberlain’s flagship MED Lift Power System, this model delivers a great lifting force for enhanced performance in difficult conditions. Moreover, the unit relies on advanced security features such as robust code encryption, reverse sensors, and anti-theft protection for enhanced security.


  • With a higher price tag than other units in this list, the Chamberlain Ultra-Quiet B970 comes with more whistles and bells, more power, and probably better construction quality, not to mention the anti-vibration technology. 
  • Customers are pleased with this product for various reasons, including quick and easy assembly, smooth and quiet operation, and superior range.
  • Considering how generous the manufacturer has been with all the features of this unit, it is very hard to find flaws.
  • Everything seems perfect, making it one of the best door openers in the market today and certainly a great investment.


  • None

3. Best Chain Drive Option

Chamberlain C450

Chamberlain C450 Smart Garage Door Opener - myQ Smartphone Controlled - Ultra Quiet Durable Chain Drive with MED Lifting Power
  • Available in gray color
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Lock Type: Keypad Lock
  • Weight: 35 pounds

The C450 Chamberlain smartphone garage-controlled door opener comes with smart technology giving enhanced control to easier manage your life and home. The garage doors opener is powered by the Chamberlain lift power systems and offers stop-notch capacity in lifting compared to similarly priced openers.

This wifi garage door opener comes with a wifi feature that will enable you to control and manage the garage door with the help of the Chamberlains My Q garage door opener app from your tablet or smartphone. With the My Q app on your tablet or smartphone, you will be able to receive alerts when the door opens and closes and receive the unit's status from anywhere in the world. The door is engineered and designed for security and safety, including a dual-operated wall control panel and a wi-fi keypad. It features an enhanced Tri-band technology that offers superior performance and range with less interference.

Additionally, it features the highest levels of both monitoring and encryption through your home ISP and the wifi router's firewall. Therefore, you will be fully protected against hacking with this wireless garage door opener. It uses 26 watts max CFL light bulb or two 100watts maximum non-halogen bulbs.

The door opener is specially designed for 7 feet garage doors, and have in mind that you may need extension kits for the 8 feet and 10 feet doors. It features rugged steel construction with precision fabrication for superior, dependable performance. The trusted security and safety comes from the unmatched security of +2.0 100 billion codes encryption that will protect your garage door from hacking.


  • The post-lock anti-theft protection assures you that it remains tightly locked when you close the door. 
  • The 2 three buttons remote controls let you control combinations of a max of three openers, and the Triband technology comes with a remote range of up to 1,500 feet for quick exit and entrance.
  • The warranty period is 10 years for the motor with 1 year guaranteed warranty on accessories, parts, and chain.


  • Need a subscription to connect with Google for the functionality

4. Best Belt Drive Option

Chamberlain Wd832Kev

Chamberlain Wd832Kev Garage Door Opener
  • Available in black color
  • Lock Type: Keyless Entry Keypad 
  • MyQ Technology
  • Weight: 35.00 lbs

The Chamberlain Whispers drive an ultra-quiet and strong steel belt drives garage door, a perfect blend of quiet and power. The garage door features an exclusive motor vibrations isolation system (MVIS), which will minimize vibration and noise, making it the perfect solution for rooms located above or near the garage.

It features the brilliant My Q technology enabling you to monitor the open and close garage door at any time through your smartphone, thanks to the Internet getaway (sold separately) and My Q garage door opener app, which is available in the Google Play and Apple app store. A convenient benefit is that the opener comes with a timer that is made to program your garage door opener to automatically close the door if you forget to do so.

The benefit of Chamberlain Whispers WD832 is the chance to set a unique four digits code that you easily access with the help of a remote. The door unit features two-three buttons, remote controls, motion-detecting controls panel, wireless keypad, and safety sensors which will deliver 200 watts of lights as a safety measure.


  • The motion-detecting controls panel enables you to program the remote controls and turn the lights on when there is motion detection.
  • One-touch to the wireless keypad closes the garage door.
  • It has a lifetime motor guaranteed warranty, lifetime belt warranty, five-year warranty on the parts, and 1-year warranty on the accessories.


  • Need a technician for a proper installation

5. Also Consider

Chamberlain Group C410

Chamberlain Group C410 Durable Chain Drive Garage Door Opener With Med Lifting Power, Pewter
  • Available in pewter color
  • Material: Steel
  • ‎2 Lithium Metal batteries included
  • Weight: 35 Pounds

Chamberlain Group is one of the leading manufacturers of reliable and high-quality brands, and they have made yet another fantastic product known as the Chamberlain C410. Feature-wise, this is a great product that offers enough power to open any kind of garage door.

Driven by Chamberlain’s modern MED Lift Power System, the new C410 offers the highest lifting force for easy lifting and top performance. The product also features a reinforced chain drive that makes the garage door opener less noisy and efficient as well. The chain drive is made of rugged steel with accurate fabrication. If security and safety in a garage door opener is something when looking for the ideal unit, then choosing the C410 by Chamberlain is highly recommended.


  • The product includes three-button remote controls that allow you to control up to three different openers from anywhere, through your Smartphone. 
  • Code encryption prevents any attempts at hacking, while the Posi-lock protection helps to ensure that your door stays looked at once you close it.
  • The C410 is hard to beat when it comes to price, and when you consider all its features, you definitely have one of the best garage door openers currently available for homeowners like you.


  • Not a DIY friendly

Best Garage Door Opener Buying Guide

Best Garage Door Opener Buying Guide

There are numerous reasons why investing in a garage door is a good idea. We will look into everything you need to know before you find the best tools from reliable brands, along with the benefits of having such an opener. Below, you can read about important information that you need to consider before purchasing, such as features, belt drives, motor, and safety factors.

Why Should You Invest in a Garage Door Opener?

The manual process of opening the garage can be quite tiring. It can also be annoying because you have to step outside of your car, bend, and lift the door to get it open or closed. With a proper garage door opener, all you need is to press a button to get your door opened or closed. Investing in the right opener is important for convenience and safety reasons. One of the reasons you need to invest in a door opener is to enhance your home security. The garage door is just as important as the main entrance to your home.

It can be an avenue through which burglars gain access to your house. Installing a door opener helps to enhance the security measures for accessing your home. The modern openers have settings that enable you to monitor the activities happening around your garage door from a remote location. There are even options to open or close your door at any time using a smartphone. You also get alerts whenever there are forceful attempts to access your garage.

The other reason for investing in a door opener is the convenience factor. Possibly you have had experiences getting out of your car every other time to open or close a garage door. This can be quite frustrating especially in bad weather conditions. Imagine getting home when it is raining or there is snow all over the place. Therefore, it is important to invest in a door opener to save yourself the dangers associated with manual operation of a garage door in such harsh weather conditions. 

There are then the safety features that come with a contemporary garage door opener. These features help in detecting objects that may be on the door path to minimize incidents. Apart from the sensors, you can also get the rolling code technology, which increases the garage's security. The other reason that should inspire you to invest in an opener for your garage door is that of energy efficiency. The process of opening or closing the garage door using these openers takes between 15 to 20 seconds. The power used in this process is relatively small and won’t harm the environment.

Benefits of Acquiring Garage Door Opener

Benefits of Acquiring Garage Door Opener

In the previous section, we identified some of the reasons that should inspire you to invest in a door opener. By now you should be aware of the importance of having an opener for your garage. One of the benefits of having this item in your garage is that it will generally improve the value of your home. A modern garage door will improve the appearance of your home,and this will automatically impact its value. If you need to sell or lease a home, investing in a good garage door opener will improve the marketability of your home.

A door opener comes with various security features that boost your home’s safety. The safety features have been included in their design to ensure that your garage is safe and secure. You are guaranteed of safe operation and reduced risks of accidents. The remote access to the garage ensures that there is limited contact between you and the door. You no longer have to get out of your car to operate the door, which enhances your security.

Thieves have been notorious for breaking through closed garage doors. The latest technology contained in the garage door openers helps eliminate these breakage incidents. The other benefit that will come with these openers is that they will limit access to only authorised persons. You can have security codes for various authorised persons and this will help you keep track of who entered or left the garage and at what times. This enhances your home security level and makes it hard for other people to access the premise.

The other benefit is that of reduced operation time and maintenance. A door opener will take less than 30 seconds to get your garage door opened or closed and with limited efforts. If there are objects in the way that can cause harm to your door, the opener will automatically reverse the door movement to protect it from damage. This in itself will ensure your door remains functional for a long time. It will also protect your pets and kids from being harmed by the door movements. There are times when you can initiate the closing process not knowing that kids or pets have dashed in the direction of the door.

Many of the garage door openers on the market today come with a built-in wifi feature. This feature allows you to operate the opener from the palm of your hand wherever you are connected. Moreover, you will receive all the important information about your garage door through the MyQ garage door opener app. Therefore, these wireless garage door openers simplify the opening and closing process a lot.

Lastly, it is important to mention the assembling process. Many homeowners do not know how to install a garage door opener. However, if you are a handy DIY person, you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy installing a garage door opener in your garage. Additionally, the internet contains a wealth of tutorials that show you step-by-step how to install a garage door. On the other hand, if you want to play it safe, just call in a professional that will get the job done in no time at all.

Choosing the Perfect Garage Door Opener

Choosing the Perfect Garage Door Opener

Before choosing your opener, there are a number of points that you need understand. The first thing is the type of opener you want.

  • There are about five different types (discussed later) of openers to choose from. Each of these openers has its own attributes and has been designed to meet specific needs. 
  • The other aspect to consider is the remote access options. A one-button remote may be sufficient for a small garage.
  • There is the option to get a wireless keypad that can be used to enter the access codes. This keypad can be placed in an outdoor environment to help in moments of accidental lock-outs.
  • There is also the option of getting rolling codes to limit the chances of intruders hacking your access code. The other options to consider include speeds and LED lights.
  • There is then the aspect of safety features that come with the garage door openers. These include sensors, automatic lights, and a reversing system. The sensor will help in detecting objects or persons that may be in the way of a closing door. The automatic lights help in illuminating your garage immediately once the door is opened. The reversing system helps reverse the closing action if the door doesn’t completely close within 30 seconds.

Safety and Security Features to Consider

There are various features that you will need to consider to enhance your opener's safety. These features cut across the various types of openers on the market. Research has shown that garage door openers cause a significant number of injuries. This, therefore, calls for a closer look at your opener to ensure it has top-of-the-line safety features. One such feature is the automatic reversing feature. 

If your garage door fails to operate properly, it exposes you to injuries. The reversing feature helps in changing the direction of the door in case it encounters an obstacle during movement. The two main mechanisms to choose from are electronic sensors and photoelectric eyes. The electronic sensors are usually placed at the base to enable the door reverse immediately it encounters an obstacle. The photoelectric eyes are usually placed at the door’s threshold to be able to sense any obstructions along the way.

The other feature to consider is the rolling code technology. Recent studies show that kids' toys have been used to interfere with garage door openers. The rolling code technology provides you with a more secure way to protect the door opener. This technology presents you more than one million possible codes to use on your door.

The introduction of smart technology also makes it possible to operate your opener using a smartphone. This means that a different code is randomly selected every time you use the remote. This can be done even when you are far away from your home and it also sends you an alert whenever the door is opened. The other feature you should be looking out for is the battery backups. This is a helpful feature during moments of prolonged power outages. It ensures your door remains functional and your garage accessible. You can limit the number of times the garage can be accessed in the battery backup mode.

Hardware Features to Consider

You also need to consider an opener that has a manual release feature. This feature enables you to disconnect the opener and operate the door manually. This can be crucial in moments when you need to access the garage and there is no power. It also a useful feature when carrying out garage door diagnostics to ensure that the door is well balanced. Burglars can manipulate a simple manual release feature to gain access to your garage. Therefore, it is important to choose one that has been placed together with the opener. This makes it hard to pull from the outside but remains easy to operate. You can also include various zip ties that can be pulled in case of emergency. Care should be taken to ensure that ties can’t be pulled from the outside.

The door opener also needs to have a security light embedded within the main unit. This light should be able to turn on automatically once the opener is activated. Garages are usually places where we store many items, some of which are hazardous. Therefore, security light will ensure that you enter a garage that is fully illuminated. This protects you from possible injuries and it also helps in deterring intruders. There is also an option to get a unit whose security lights are activated by motion sensors. This makes it possible for the lights to come on automatically once you enter the garage through the interior door.

Motor and Horsepower Capabilities

There is then the horsepower feature that must be considered. Getting the right horsepower will ensure your opener is energy efficient. Too few horsepower will cause your opener to overwork making it susceptible to wear and tear. There are three main horsepower sizes to choose from that include 1/3, 1/2, and 3/4 horsepower. You will have to consider the size of the door and the materials used in order to choose the right size. A standard garage door will require about 1/2 horsepower for its opener. Such a horsepower will also be able to handle double doors. A 1/3 horsepower unit will comfortably handle a single door. Doors made from solid wood may require more horsepower because of their bulky nature. You also need to consider openers that have a longer warranty period for the motor.

Various Drive Types to Choose From

There are five types of openers that you will encounter on the market.

  • The first type; is the chain drive opener which uses a metal chain and works like a bicycle. The chain drives the trolley in order to lower or raise the garage door. It is a very affordable option but have in mind that this type may generate vibrations and noise during operation.
  • The second option; is the belt-drive opener which operates like a chain-drive but uses a belt instead of the chain. The belt tends to be quieter than the chain and also provides smoother operation. The reason is that belt drive systems come with less movable parts which make it easier to maintain. Therefore, this type is a good option for garages that are located close to living spaces.
  • The third option; is the screw drive opener. This drive makes use of a threaded steel rod in operating the lifting mechanism. The rotation of the rod is what causes the trolley to move in order to lower or raise the door. Just like the belt drive systems, they are quieter and have fewer moving parts.
  • The next option; is the direct drive opener where the motors functions as a trolley and moves along the track to lower or raise the door. The only moving part in this unit is the motor, making it one of the quietest type of opener on the market.
  • The last option; to choose from is the jack shaft opener. These types of openers are usually mounted on the wall, unlike the other options which have to be mounted on the ceiling. This unit carries some onboard computerization features and is a great choice for small garages. They use a cable mechanism and are among the most expensive options on the market but work extremely efficiently with sectional doors. Apart from this, if you are interested in products we review, you may want to see our list of most suitable paint sprayers for your needs here.


The performance of these garage door openers has been outstanding and they are making their space everywhere quite rapidly. The price of these door openers is in intermediate range but you don’t need to replace it too often. This is always a good experience to use these door openers and control them through smart phone from anywhere wirelessly connected.


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