How to Ensure the Perfect Fit for Your Modular Motorcycle Helmet 

 May 13, 2023

By  Mia H.

A modular motorcycle helmet is a significant investment that can keep you secure and comfortable while riding. However, it needs to fit perfectly to reap the benefits of a modular helmet. A well-fitted modular motorcycle helmet is crucial for your riding safety and comfort. A too-loose or tight helmet can be uncomfortable, distract you from the road, and in the worst-case scenario, fail to protect you in the event of an accident. Therefore, it is crucial to take a moment to fit your helmet to ensure maximum safety and comfort properly. This blog will guide you on providing the perfect fit for your modular motorcycle helmet.  

Steps to Ensure a Perfect Fit   

Follow these steps to make sure a perfect fit for your modular motorcycle helmet:  

1. Measure Your Head   

The first step in achieving the perfect fit is to measure your head. Utilize a soft measuring tape to estimate the circumference of your head, just beyond your eyebrows and ears. Record this measurement and use it to determine your helmet size.  

2. Check the Helmet Size Chart   

Check the manufacturer's helmet size chart to determine which size helmet you need. Each brand may have different sizing guidelines, so checking the size chart for the specific helmet you are interested in is essential.  

3. Try on the Helmet   

Place the helmet on your head and fasten the chin strap. The helmet should fit easily but not be irritated or cause any pressure points when you check it. The helmet should not feel loose.  

4. Check the Fit   

Once the helmet is on your head, check the fit. Ensure the helmet is level on your head and there is no gap between the helmet and your forehead. Check for any pressure points or discomfort indicating that the helmet is too tight in certain areas.  

5. Adjust the Helmet   

If necessary, adjust the helmet for a perfect fit. You can adjust the chinstrap, cheek pads, and crown liner to achieve the best fit. Loosen the chinstrap and adjust the cheek pads and crown liner for a snug but comfortable fit. The cheek pads should be snug against your cheeks without causing discomfort or pressure, while the crown liner should fit comfortably around the crown of your head.  

6. Test the Fit   

Once you have adjusted the helmet, test the fit. Move your head from one angle to another and up and downward to ensure the helmet stays in place. Try moving the helmet forward and backward to see if it slides or moves. If the helmet moves or feels loose, adjust it again until you achieve a secure and comfortable fit.  


A well-fitted modular motorcycle helmet is essential for your riding safety and comfort. You can ensure the exact fit for your helmet by following these steps. Remember always to check the manufacturer's size chart and take the time to adjust the helmet for maximum comfort and protection. Stay safe, and enjoy the ride. 


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