How to Maintain Your Digital Torque Wrench 

 June 1, 2023

By  Mia H.

Digital torque wrenches are tools used for precise torque applications in various industries. Proper maintenance is crucial to ensure accurate torque readings and extend the lifespan of your digital torque wrench. This article will explore the essential tips and guidelines for maintaining your digital torque wrench. By following these practices, you can enhance the performance and longevity of your tool.   

Why is Maintenance Important for Digital Torque Wrenches?    

Maintaining your digital torque wrench is vital for several reasons. First and foremost, regular maintenance ensures that the wrench provides accurate torque readings. Without proper care, the wrench's performance may decline, leading to inaccurate readings. Additionally, neglecting maintenance can result in damaged fasteners or even potential injuries. You can prevent these issues by carrying your digital torque wrench and maintaining reliability.   

Tips for Maintaining Your Digital Torque Wrench  

1. Regular Calibration    

Calibration is essential to maintaining the accuracy of your digital torque wrench. The wrench should be calibrated regularly, following the manufacturer's guidelines. It is generally recommended to calibrate the wrench period of 6 to 12 months, relying on the use frequency. You can use a torque calibration tool or send the wrench to a professional calibration service to ensure accurate calibration. Regular calibration guarantees that your torque wrench delivers precise and reliable measurements.   

2. Proper Cleaning and Lubrication    

Keeping your digital torque wrench clean and well-lubricated is essential for proper functioning. After each use:  

  • Wipe the wrench's exterior and the ratchet mechanism with a soft cloth to remove debris or dirt.  
  • Avoid using harmful chemicals that may damage the wrench.  
  • For lubrication, use a manufacturer-recommended lubricant on the moving parts to reduce friction and maintain smooth operation.  

By cleaning and lubricating your wrench, you can prevent premature wear and ensure accurate torque delivery.   

3. Storage and Handling    

Proper storage and handling play a significant role in maintaining the condition of your digital torque wrench. When not in use, store the wrench in a clean and dry environment to prevent moisture or dust from affecting its performance. Consider using a protective case or a tool chest to shield the wrench from impacts and keep it dust-free. It is crucial to avoid dropping or mishandling the wrench, which can impact its accuracy. By carefully storing and handling your digital torque wrench, you can prolong its lifespan and ensure reliable torque readings.   

4. Battery Maintenance    

Proper battery maintenance is essential for accurate readings if your digital torque wrench operates on batteries. Before each use: 

  1. Check the battery level to ensure sufficient power. 
  1. If the battery is low, replace it following the manufacturer's instructions. 
  1. Turn off the wrench when not in use to extend battery life. 

By maintaining the battery properly, you can rely on your digital torque wrench to provide precise torque measurements consistently.   


Following the tips mentioned above and the guidelines in this blog, such as regular calibration, proper cleaning and lubrication, storage and handling practices, and battery maintenance, you can keep your digital torque wrench in excellent condition. Regular maintenance ensures your digital torque wrench's accuracy, longevity, and reliable performance. With a well-maintained tool, you can confidently perform precise torque applications and achieve optimal results in your work.


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