Modular vs Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets: Which One Is Right for You? 

 May 8, 2023

By  Mia H.

Riding a motorcycle can be exciting, but it comes with risks. Safety gear is essential, and your helmet is the most critical piece of equipment. However, with so many motorcycle helmets available, deciding which one to choose can take time. In this article, we'll explore the two most common types of helmets: modular and full-face. We'll compare their features, benefits, and drawbacks and help you decide which is right.  

Types of Motorcycle Helmets  

There are four types of motorcycle helmets:  

  • Full-face helmets  
  • Modular helmets  
  • Open-face helmets  
  • Half helmets  

This article will focus on full-face and modular helmets, which provide the best protection for your head and face.  

Modular Motorcycle Helmets  

A modular helmet is also known as a flip-up helmet. It combines the features of a full-face helmet and an open-face helmet. The chin bar can be lifted, allowing you to talk, drink, or eat without removing the helmet. Here are the pros and cons of modular helmets:  

1. Pros

  • Modular helmets provide the convenience of an open-face helmet and the protection of a full-face helmet.  
  • You can put on and take off a modular helmet quickly and easily.  
  • Modular helmets are usually more comfortable than full-face helmets, as they don't press down on your face and nose.  
  • Modular helmets are popular with touring riders who need to take breaks and communicate with others on long trips.  

2. Cons

  • Modular helmets are generally heavier than full-face helmets due to the extra mechanism for the chin bar.  
  • The chin bar of a modular helmet is not as strong as a full-face helmet's, and it can come loose in a crash.  
  • Modular helmets are often more expensive than full-face helmets.  

3. Who Should Consider It?  

A modular helmet is a good choice if you frequently ride long distances or need to communicate with others while riding. It's also a good option for those who have trouble wearing a full-face helmet.  

Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets  

A full-face helmet covers your complete head and chin. It provides the most protection of all helmet types. Here are the pros and cons of full-face helmets:  

1. Pros  

  • Full-face helmets provide the best protection for your head and face in a crash.  
  • Full-face helmets are designed to be more aerodynamic than other helmet types, which can improve your stability and reduce wind noise.  
  • Full-face helmets are generally more durable than modular helmets.  

2. Cons

  • Full-face helmets can get hot and stuffy, especially during the summer months.  
  • Some riders find seeing and hearing with a full-face helmet challenging.  
  • Full-face helmets can be uncomfortable if they don't fit correctly.  

3. Who Should Consider It?   

If you prioritize safety above all else and want the most protection possible, a full-face helmet is the way to go. It's also a good option for riding at high speeds or in challenging weather conditions.  

Comparison between Modular and Full-Face Helmets  

Both modular and full-face helmets have their advantages and disadvantages. Here's how they compare:  

  • Protection 

    Full-face helmets provide better protection than modular helmets.  
  • Convenience 

    Modular helmets are more convenient than full-face helmets, as you can lift the chin bar without removing the helmet.  
  • Comfort 

    Modular helmets are generally more comfortable than full-face helmets.  
  • Visibility 

    Full-face helmets offer better visibility than modular helmets.  
  • Price 

    Modular helmets are often more expensive than full-face helmets.  

How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Helmet?   

Choosing the right motorcycle helmet is important for your safety. Here are some steps to follow:  

  • Determine Your Riding Style 

    Your riding will impact the type of helmet you need.  
  • Consider the Fit 

    Your helmet should fit snugly but comfortably on your head.  
  • Check the Safety Rating 

    Look for helmets that meet DOT or Snell safety standards.  
  • Think About the Features You Need 

    Do you need a helmet with Bluetooth connectivity or a built-in sun visor?  
  • Try on Different Helmets 

    Try on different helmets to find the one that feels the most comfortable and provides the best protection.  


When it comes to choosing between a modular and full-face motorcycle helmet, it ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and needs. If you prioritize convenience and comfort, a modular helmet may be your best choice. If you prioritize safety and maximum protection, a full-face helmet is the way to ride. Whatever you choose, select a helmet that fits well and meets protection standards for optimal protection on the road. 


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