Mustang Seats vs. Corbin Seats: Choosing the Best for Your Harley Touring 

 June 10, 2023

By  Mia H.

Regarding Harley Touring, having a comfortable seat is essential for enjoying long rides. In this article, we will compare Mustang Seats and Corbin Seats, two renowned brands in the motorcycle industry, to help you choose the best option for your Harley Touring experience.  

Understanding the Importance of Comfortable Seats for Harley Touring  

Riding long distances on a Harley Touring bike requires a seat that provides optimal comfort and support. The right seat can significantly impact your riding experience, reducing fatigue and enhancing enjoyment. Let's explore the features and benefits of Mustang Seats and Corbin Seats to determine which suits your needs best.  

Mustang Seats: Features and Benefits  

1. High-Quality Materials and Craftsmanship 

Mustang Seats are known for their excellent quality and awareness of detail. They use top-grade materials, such as premium leather and durable stitching, ensuring long-lasting performance.  

2. Ergonomic Design for Long Rides 

Mustang Seats are designed with the rider's comfort in mind. They offer excellent lumbar support, even weight distribution, and minimize pressure points, making them ideal for extended journeys.  

3. Customizable Options for Personal Preferences 

Mustang Seats provide various customization options, allowing you to choose different seat styles, materials, colors, and additional features like backrests and heating elements.  

Corbin Seats: Features and Benefits  

1. Innovative Seat Technology 

Corbin Seats are renowned for their designs and patented technologies. They incorporate advanced foam materials and shaping techniques for optimal comfort and support.  

2. Custom-Fit for Optimal Support 

Corbin Seats are tailored to fit your body shape and riding style. Their ergonomics ensure a snug fit that supports your back and legs, reducing discomfort during long rides.  

3. Wide Range of Seat Styles Available 

Corbin Seats offer a diverse selection of seat styles, including solo, two-up, and touring seats. You can select the style that matches your Harley Touring bike and personal preferences.  

Comparing Mustang Seats and Corbin Seats  

When comparing Mustang Seats and Corbin Seats, consider the following factors:  

  • Comfort and Support 

    Both brands excel in providing comfortable seats, but the optimal choice may vary depending on your body type and preferences.  
  • Durability and Materials 

    Mustang Seats are known for their high-quality materials and craftsmanship, while Corbin Seats are renowned for their innovative seat technologies.  
  • Style and Customization Options 

    Mustang Seats offer a wide range of customization options, while Corbin Seats provide diverse seat styles to match your Harley Touring bike's aesthetic.  
  • Price and Value for Money 

    Compare the prices of both brands' seats and assess the value you receive for your investment.  


Choosing the best seat for your Harley Touring is a personal decision that depends on your comfort preferences, body type, and budget. Both brands offer excellent options to enhance your riding experience, whether you opt for Mustang Seats or Corbin Seats. Evaluate your priorities and make an informed choice that will provide you with the comfort and support you need on your Harley Touring adventures!


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