The Benefits of a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet 

 April 29, 2023

By  Mia H.

A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is equipped with Bluetooth technology, which allows the rider to communicate, listen to music, and receive GPS instructions through a built-in system.

Brief History of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet 

The first Bluetooth motorcycle helmet was introduced in 2008 by the company Cardo Systems. Since then, many manufacturers have followed suit and produced Bluetooth helmets with various features and price ranges.

Advantages of using a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet 

  • Communication 

    The best benefit of using a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is communicating with other riders or passengers. This feature can be helpful in group rides, as riders can talk to each other without having to stop or yell over the noise of their engines. 
  • Navigation 

    Bluetooth motorcycle helmets also allow riders to receive GPS instructions directly into their helmets. This feature eliminates the requirement for riders to stop and consult a map or their phone, making rides more efficient and enjoyable.
  • Music and Entertainment 

    Bluetooth helmets also enable riders to listen to music or other audio entertainment while on the road. This feature can make long rides more enjoyable and less monotonous. 
  • Hands-Free Calling

    Bluetooth helmets allow riders to make hands-free phone calls while on the road. This feature can be helpful for riders who need to take a call while riding but want to avoid taking their hands off the handlebars. 
  • Safety 

    Bluetooth motorcycle helmets can also improve safety by allowing riders to stay focused on the road without distractions. With GPS instructions and audio entertainment provided directly to the helmet, riders can keep their eyes on the road and avoid taking their attention away from the task.

How to use a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet 

1. Pairing with a Phone

To use a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, riders must pair their helmet with their phone. This process can vary depending on the specific helmet and phone being used but typically involves turning on Bluetooth on both the helmet and the phone and following the helmet's instructions for pairing.

2. Using the Communication System 

Once the helmet is paired with the phone, riders can use the built-in communication system to talk to other riders or passengers. It normally involves pressing a button on the helmet to initiate communication and speaking into a microphone.

3. Listening to Music 

Riders can connect their phone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices to the helmet's audio system to listen to music. It can be done by selecting the helmet as the audio output device in its Bluetooth settings.

4. Making Hands-Free Calls 

To make a hands-free phone call, riders can use the built-in microphone and speakers in the helmet to communicate with the caller. It generally involves pressing a button on the helmet to answer the call and speaking into the microphone.


Overall, Bluetooth motorcycle helmets offer riders a wide range of benefits, including communication, navigation, music and entertainment, hands-free calling, and improved safety. By following the instructions for pairing and using the helmet's various features, riders can enjoy a more connected and enjoyable riding experience.


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