6 Types of Trailer Jacks 

 November 29, 2022

By  Martin Ster

A trailer jack, also known as a hitch jack, is used to raise the trailer, attach it to the towing vehicle, and make the process more convenient. It lifts and supports to maintain the level. With the help of the trailer jack, it is possible to hook or unhook the trailer from the towing vehicle. Different types of trailer jacks are available; one can buy them according to the choice among them. The kind of trailer jacks are given below with proper guidelines, which can be helpful for the buyer. 

Types of Tongue Jacks

1. Swivel Tongue Jack 

A swivel tongue jack is a type of trailer jack that works with a built-in mechanism and will swivel out when it is not in use. Due to the swivel system, it can rotate easily. Pull the pin to help fix the jack at the proper position, and pull the pin to release it so it can move freely. It causes fewer incidents due to the horizontal movement of the tongue trailer jack. It provides side-to-side motion, and only pic can control the action. This jack can be attached to the mounting plate or the mounting tube.   

2. Drop Leg Trailer Jack 

For the jacking procedure, it is essential to lower the leg or pin the foot while working when the operator is dealing with the drop leg trailer jack. This jack does not need much force or input because the leg can retract itself after pulling the pin. It causes an increase in the speed of the operation. It minimizes the gaps or differences between the trailer jack and the ground. It doesn't require cranking or stretching to lift the trailer's tongue.   

3. Electric Trailer Jack 

The electric trailer jack is attached to the electric motor, retracting or extending the jack's leg. It is straightforward to operate due to the electric motor and doesn't need physical force or labor. It just requires plugging, and the controller can control the trailer jack easily. It minimizes the stress and the manual control or input. Electric trailer jacks provide excellent working with excellent experience, and some electric trailer jacks come with manual systems too to tackle any emergency.   

4. Rigid Mounted Trailer Jack 

These trailers jack with a foot plate and are very simple. It is a basic trailer jack and usually comes with a side mount and crank or frame mount. These are rigidly mounted trailer jacks and are good regarding the good loading ability. The side-mounted trailer jacks provide more twisting movement during the operation. It can be installed in the permanent or semi-permanent method.   

5. Marine Trailer Jack 

People who spend lots of time fishing and marine face different water contact and wear and tear. Marine trailer jacks are available with boat wheels and can easily connect with the boat trailer. It gives high duty to move or rotate the marine trailer. The marine trailer jack is corrosion-resistant and performs well in the water. This trailer jack is used to carry on the mounting brackets. Manual and electric jacks are available for the boats so that the buyer can select according to the size of the marine trailer.   

6. Square Jack 

Due to manufacturing, the square jack is more robust than the other trailer jacks. They can hold the maximum weight and have excellent holding ability. They can directly fit through welding in the trailer and square jack used at construction and agriculture sites. Almost 7000 to 12000 pounds weight can be lifted through a square jack, but it depends upon the model of the jack. These jacks come with different handle types according to the user's convenience.   


Always prefer the most suitable trailer jack according to the need and confirm the specifications before purchasing. A good jack can decrease the stress of work and relax the nerves. An improper jack can disrupt the trip or the working operation as well.   


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