Ultimate Guide: How to Select the Ideal Seat for Your Harley Davidson Touring 

 June 9, 2023

By  Mia H.

Regarding Harley Touring, having the right seat can make all the difference in your riding adventure. This guide discusses selecting the best Harley Davidson Touring bike seat. From assessing your needs to evaluating seat options, we'll help you find a comfortable, ergonomic seat that enhances your riding pleasure.  

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Seat 

1. Ergonomics and Fit 

  • Choose a seat that matches your body type and riding position.  
  • Consider the seat's shape, width, and height for optimal support and comfort.  
  • Look for features like adjustable backrests or lumbar support if needed.  

2. Material and Construction 

  • Opt for high-quality materials that provide durability and resistance to weather elements.  
  • Consider options like leather, synthetic materials, or gel padding for improved comfort.  
  • Look for seats with proper cushioning and vibration-dampening properties.  

3. Riding Style and Preferences  

  • Determine your primary riding style (cruising, long-distance touring, etc.) to choose a seat tailored to your needs.  
  • Consider factors like seat height, cushioning firmness, and riding position compatibility.  
  • Evaluate additional features like heated seats or built-in airflow for added comfort.  

4. Passenger Comfort 

  • If you frequently have a passenger, consider their convenience as well.  
  • Look for seats with sufficient cushioning, backrests, and armrests if necessary.  
  • Discuss preferences and test options together to ensure a comfortable ride for both.  

Top Seat Options for Harley Touring 

There are three main seat options to consider:  

1. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Seats 

  • These seats are produced by Harley Davidson and designed to fit your specific model.  
  • OEM seats offer a reliable and seamless fit, maintaining the original look of your motorcycle.  
  • They often come in different styles to accommodate various riding preferences.  

2. Aftermarket Seat Brands 

  • Several reputable aftermarket brands specialize in producing high-quality seats for Harley Touring.  
  • These seats often offer advanced features, improved cushioning, and customization options.  
  • Research and read reviews to find well-regarded brands known for their comfort and durability.  

3. Custom Seat Options 

  • Custom seats provide tailored solutions for riders with specific preferences or unique body types.  
  • Custom seat makers can design a seat to precisely fit your body shape, riding position, and comfort requirements.  
  • Remember that custom seats may require a longer production time and come at a higher price point.  

Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Best Seat 

1. Assess Your Riding Needs and Preferences 

Determine your riding style, frequency, and typical ride durations to narrow down seat options.  

2. Research Different Seat Options 

Explore OEM seats, aftermarket brands, and custom options to gather information on available choices.  

3. Consider Ergonomic Features and Fit 

Pay attention to seat shape, width, height, and features that match your body type and riding position.  

4. Evaluate Material Quality and Durability 

Look for seats made from high-quality that can withstand long rides and varying weather conditions.  

5. Test and Compare Seats Whenever Possible 

Test different seat options to assess their comfort and fit on your motorcycle.  

6. Seek Recommendations and Reviews 

Read reviews, join online forums, and ask fellow riders for their experiences and recommendations.  

7. Take Passenger Comfort into Account 

If you ride with a passenger frequently, involve them in the seat selection process to ensure their comfort.  

8. Budget Considerations 

Set a budget range for your seat purchase and consider the cost versus the desired features and quality.  

9. Make an Informed Decision 

Analyze all the information gathered and prioritize your preferences to select the best seat for your Harley Touring motorcycle.  

Maintenance and Care Tips 

1. Cleaning and Protecting Your Seat 

Follow the manufacturer's guidelines to clean your seat regularly and use appropriate products for the material. Use seat covers or treatments to protect against UV damage, moisture, and stains.  

2. Preventing Seat Damage 

Avoid exposing your seat to extreme weather conditions and store your motorcycle in a covered area when possible. Use seat pads or cushions to reduce pressure points and prevent wear and tear.  

3. Replacing or Upgrading Seat Components 

If necessary, replace damaged seat components or consider upgrading elements like foam padding or backrests. Consult with professionals or refer to manufacturer instructions for proper replacement or installation.  


Choosing the best seat for your Harley Touring motorcycle is a personal decision that depends on your preferences and riding style. Considering factors like ergonomics, materials, and passenger comfort, you can find a seat that provides ultimate comfort and enhances your overall riding experience. Take your time, research, and test different options to make an informed decision. Ride in style and comfort and enjoy the open road with your perfect seat. 


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